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Tire Repair Woodridge IL

Tire Repair Woodridge IL

It happens to all motorists sooner or later: you’re driving home from work or school and you strike a pothole some type of debris on the street that punctures your tire and leaves you stranded with a flat.

Although you’ll need to get the vehicle to a shop for an inspection and service, it might not be necessary to replace the tire. Depending upon the extent of the damage and the location of the puncture, Tire Repair Woodridge IL might be all you need. A tire is usually repairable when the puncture does not measure more than one-quarter of an inch wide in diameter.

Although the specifics of every tire repair job can vary, the basic steps of the repair process include:

-Removing the tire off the rim.

-Conduct a detailed inspection of both the interior and exterior of the tire. Even if a tire may look to be a routine repair from the outside, the lower half of the object that caused the puncture might have caused possible damages to the interior of the sidewall.

-Once the technician determines that the tire is repairable, the next step is to trim the affected cables from the puncture area to clean it out and stabilize it.

-Working from the inside outwards, the technician pulls a rubber stem through the puncture to seal off the interior of the tire.

-After buffing the puncture area, the tech applies a specialty vulcanizing adhesive.

-A patch is installed onto the interior liner across the puncture area to cause a chemical reaction

-Lastly, it’s time to mount the tire on the rim, inflate it to the correct tire pressure and confirm there are no leaks.

This Tire Repair Woodridge IL procedure takes approximately 60 to 90 minutes, although times can vary.