Auto Repair & Maintenance

When you are having issues with your vehicle, leave it in the expert hands of V & R Tire & Alignment Specialists Inc.

We have over 50 years of experience performing competitively priced auto repair in Lisle and surrounding areas.

Whether you are having engine problems or need general maintenance, our professional staff has the tools and knowledge to get the job completed right at reasonable prices.

No matter the issue, trust that our ASE-certified mechanics use quality parts to get your ride in peak performance in no time. If you are in a hurry, take advantage of our free shuttle services. When you return, your repairs will be complete, and your vehicle will be ready to go!

Due For an Oil Change and Tire Rotation? Bring Your Ride to V&R

Auto Repair

Getting an oil change on a consistent schedule helps to improve engine performance, extend its service lifespan and help your vehicle achieve its best fuel mileage. Quality, clean oil is critical for keeping the engine and its many components properly lubricated and functioning smoothly.

Over time and as the miles accumulate, the motor oil in your vehicle deteriorates, which diminishes its ability to consistently break down particles that collect in the engine. The filters can contain some of the debris and grime, but eventually it makes its way into the engine. That build-up, along with the decline of friction due to dirty oil, can result in premature wear on the engine, less fuel efficiency and poor performance.

Improper balance or faulty alignment can cause your tires to wear unevenly. Rotating tires is essential for preventing this problem and ensuring that your vehicle rides smoothly and handles safely. Plus, tire rotation helps prolong the lifespan of your tires so you’ll save on costs over the long term.

V & R Tire & Alignment Specialists is your source for prompt and professional auto repair! Whether you need a routine oil change, new tires, transmission repair or a complete engine overhaul you can depend on us for excellent service.

Bring your car in today or call 630-968-8473 to set an appointment!

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