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New Tires Lisle IL

New Tires Lisle IL

The main purpose of the tread on your car’s tires is to maintain a grip on the road and to direct water away to avoid hydroplaning. When tires have adequate tread, it helps you maintain control and lowers the risks of a flat. Doing a monthly check of your tire’s tread and pressure will help you know when to visit V&R for New Tires Lisle IL. Start by checking for the following:

-Tread wear bars are even with the tread. Elevated, small bits of rubber, you’ll see the tread wear bars are in between the tread blocks. If these bars are level with the tops of the tread, it’s probably time to get new tires.

-Cracks on the rubber. It’s inevitable that tires wear down as the miles on your vehicle add up. Exposure to heat, sun and ice melting salt, for example, can reduce flexibility and cause tires to lose pressure and form cracks.

-Tread is uneven. Various factors can cause treads to wear down unevenly and shorten the lifespan of your tires. Car alignment, lack of regular rotation, tire pressure and suspension components can all be contributors to this problem. Be sure to visit V&R for tire rotation at consistent intervals. We generally suggest a rotation every 5,000 miles.

-Tire pressure. Tires tend to slowly deflate over time. (Usually around one pound per square inch per month.) So, check your tire pressure each month to maintain proper inflation. If your tires keep losing air, you might need to stop in at V&R for tire repair or New Tires Lisle IL if necessary.

-Bulging sidewall. If your car strikes a pothole or curb, the tires can form sidewall bulges if there’s a break within the inner liner. Consequently, those bulges can rupture and cause an unsafe situation.