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New Tires Downers Grove IL

New Tires Downers Grove IL

When it comes to basic car care, keeping an eye on the condition of your tires is among the most important for good handling, staying safe on the road and overall performance. Watch for the following signs that it’s time to bring your vehicle to our shop for New Tires Downers Grove IL:

-Uneven wear. When tread patterns across your tires are wearing down unevenly, it can signal suspension or alignment issues and the need for tire replacement.

-Tread depth. An obvious sign is when the tread depth of your tires is not sufficient to provide reliable traction. Put a penny with the “heads” side facing you into the tread. If the top of Lincoln’s head is visible, come see us for tire replacement. Any patches of significantly worn-out tread mean the tire is not able to maintain reliable contact with the road.

-Bulges and cracks on the tire’s sidewall. These are signs that the tire has structural damage and at potential risk of a blowout.

-Shaking or vibrating. Excessive vibrations as you are driving may be due to imbalance or problems within the tires.

-Diminishing traction. Particularly in snowy or wet conditions, loss of traction signifies the performance of your tires is declining.

-Stopping distance getting longer. If it’s taking longer to bring your vehicle to a safe stop, your tires may lack the necessary grip.

-Hydroplaning. Tires that are not able to direct water away can cause hydroplaning on slippery roads and risk losing control.

-Lack of handling. Does it feel like your car is less responsive as your turn or drive through corners? It’s a likely sign of tire wear.

-Road noise. Unusually loud road noise, like whirring or humming, can indicate cupping and excessive wear.

Stop in at our shop in Lisle for New Tires Downers Grove IL if you notice any of these warning signs!