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Auto Repair Woodridge IL

Auto Repair Woodridge IL

There are many ways to determine when your car, SUV, van, or pick up is ready for an oil change by the Auto Repair Woodridge IL team at our location. Bring your vehicle for service at V&R whenever you notice:

Dashboard Warning Light Goes On
Many newer model vehicles feature an oil change indicator light. If yours is on, don’t hesitate to stop in for an oil change. It’s one of the best ways to keep your ride running smoothly and extend its service life.

Look at the Oil Level
A regular check of your oil dipstick is the reliable way to track oil levels. When it’s below the suggested level, it’s time for an oil change.

Oil Looks Dark and Dirty
Healthy motor oil is an amber, translucent color. When you check your car’s oil levels and find gritty, dirty oil, it’s due for a change.

Engine Making Unusual Noises
If your engine is getting louder than usual, it’s possibly a sign of degraded, old oil that is no longer providing sufficient lubrication.

Increasing Exhaust Smoke
Black or blue smoke from the exhaust is often a sign that oil is burning.

Fuel Efficiency Declining
Less fuel efficiency can result from oil that is thickening and losing its effectiveness, leading to more engine friction.

Overheating Engine
Insufficient lubrication can lead to more friction and excess heat in your vehicle’s engine.

Rough Idle
An engine running on dirty, sludgy oil may experience difficulty idling, causing noticeable vibrations while you’re at a stop.

Slower Acceleration
Sluggish engine response can indicate oil that’s losing its viscosity.

High Mileage
Older model cars or those with higher mileage often need oil changes more frequently in order to compensate for the increased engine wear.

Oil Leaks
If you see that there are oil spots underneath your parked car, it’s a clear sign of an oil leak that needs Auto Repair Woodridge IL.