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Auto Repair Lisle IL

Auto Repair Lisle IL

Vehicle due for service? We’re your source for professional Auto Repair Lisle IL! Call to schedule an appointment or simply bring your ride to our shop for services including:

Oil Change
Consistent oil changes involve the replacement of your engine’s oil and oil filter to prevent engine wear and provide optimal performance.

Tire Repair or Replacement
Tire repair can involve rotation, balancing, patching punctures and more. Replacement is necessary if the treads are damaged or worn down.

Battery Replacement
If you’re experiencing trouble getting your car to start, a new battery might be required to supply dependable power for the electrical system.

Engine Tune-Up
Part of regular maintenance, tune-up addresses engine components like filters, spark plugs and ignition systems to sustain performance and provide fuel efficiency.

Steering and Suspension Repair
Services such as wheel alignment, replacing struts and shocks and repairing tie rods all serve to improve handling and driving comfort.

Electrical System Repair
Fixing blown fuses, faulty wiring or malfunctioning components ensure your car’s essential systems function reliably.

Cooling System Repair
This involves thermostat and radiator repairs, fixing leaks and coolant flushes to prevent the risk of engine overheating.

Air Conditioner
Schedule Auto Repair Lisle IL service if your vehicle has refrigerant leaks, obstructed air vents or compressor malfunctions.

Fuel System Repairs
This can range from resolving fuel pump problems to cleaning fuel injectors to restore dependable fuel delivery.

Ignition System
Fixing problems with spark plugs, ignition coils, or the distributor is usually the solution if your vehicle has starting issues.

Axle and Wheel Repairs
Fixing or replacing axles, wheels or bearings that sustain damage prevents bad handling so you’ll stay safe on the road.

Replace Timing Belt
Regular replacement of the timing belt prevents engine performance problems damage by support synchronization between the camshaft and crankshaft.