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Tire rotation is an essential part of tire maintenance that ensures even wear, prolongs tire service life and maintains overall vehicle performance and dependability. Bring your ride to the Auto Repair Downers Grove IL experts and
V&R for tire rotation when you notice:

Uneven Wear of Treads
If you see one or more of car’s tires have noticeably less tread than the others, it’s time to get a rotation.

If you experience vibration while driving, particularly at certain speeds, it might be on account of unevenly worn tires that could benefit from a rotation.

Vehicles Pulls to the Side
If your car has a tendency to pull to one side as you’re travelling on a level, straight road, tire rotation can help correct the problem.

Discrepancies in Tire Pressure
Repeated adjustments to tire pressure when there are no visible leaks or punctures can indicate the tires are wearing unevenly and need rotation.

A Decrease in Fuel Efficiency
This is another symptom that you may have tire treads wearing down unevenly. If you’ve been refilling your fuel tank a lot more often recently, it might be related to an increase in rolling resistance.

Aging Tires
Even if when tread depth is sufficient, it’s advisable to rotate tires approximately every six to eight thousand miles due to the effects of wear, age and exposure to the elements. Check your owner’s manual to see the manufacturer’s recommended intervals for tire rotation. It often varies according to make and model.

Alignment Adjustments
If you had a wheel alignment done recently, it’s a good time to get tire rotation because it helps ensure consistent wear.

For tire rotation, your next oil change, engine tune-ups and more count on the Auto Repair Downers Grove IL at V&R!